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Manage machines using Canonical Landscape

Landscape can be installed with limited/hobby licenses (10 physical, 50 container) on premesis. This allows full management of local or cloud servers, including updates and package deployment policies. In a later post,

Replacing Google Drive with Nextcloud

In an effort to increase privacy and move away from externally hosted solutions, I decided to move all my files from Google Drive to Nextcloud. I checked out various alternatives, including owncloud and

Adding email capability to Ghost

This assumes you've signed up for an account at Sendgrid and have a functioning ghost install under /var/www/ghost. Edit the Ghost config nano /var/www/ghost/config.production.json Add the


install in 1 command see for explaination curl -Ss '' >/tmp/ && bash /tmp/

GMail as a SMTP relay

Sometimes, even in a lab setup, you need email notifications from your servers when things go sideways. Here's how to setup GMail to deal with it for you: Install the software: sudo apt