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Modern SSL nginx

We can use the helpful tool from Mozilla to generate a secure web server configuration. For my purposes, I chose nginx as the webserver and modern profile, this severely limits the legacy clients

Caching Ubuntu updates using Squid

Using Squid Deb Proxy to cache updates and save bandwidth. Assumptions VM or bare metal machine running Ubuntu 16.04 server Bridged or exposed IP for VM to talk to clients using AVAHI/

LXC Bridge to LAN

Prerequisites Ubuntu 16.04 LXC/D installed Working eth0 Install utilities sudo apt install lxc bridge-utils Bridge your interface Edit config sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces Set eth0 to manual Add section for

Ad-Blocking at the DNS server

Prerequisites Ubuntu 16.04 Machine or VM with accessible port 443/80 (will not work in container without extra steps) Local terminal or SSH access Upstream DNS/DHCP server (not using PiHole for